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Moscow on the Hudson directed by Paul Mazursky

I don't consider myself shy and I don't think I've ever been thought of as such but, being on set with Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks, Elya Maskin, Yakov Smirnoff, Savely Kramarov, and an abundance of great actors under the direction of the great Paul Mazursky must have given me some of the jitters as a young girl. So much that I didn't catch the softball in the very first scene of my big extra role debut. I don't think I was really ready to catch the ball. From what I can recall, I don't think I was ever any good at playing softball. Maybe I spaced out? Was softball a requirement for

the role? I wish I could remember what was going through my mind. Epic fail on my

I carried an old school red autograph book that came with with a zipper and lock around set. When I say old school I mean I don't think those even exist anymore. If they do, I would get a kick out of seeing one of those again. I had a lot of the cast and crew sign my book and three words that Cleavant Derricks wrote still resonate with me today. "Keep on trucking!", he said...and so I have. Maybe not in the way

I was setting out to back then but, I'm still hard at work and I'm still trucking. Some may measure success and put value on tangible items collected or how much money they have in their bank account and while those things may be some of the achievements we'd like to of course acquire more of, what's ever lasting in my mind are the impressions one can make on another's life. I still cannot believe so many of these great people and actors from this movie are no longer with us but, I am honored, humbled and so very fortunate to have had the experience of meeting and working alongside such profoundly talented minds. How I wish a time machine could go back to capture more of the extraordinary and timeless greatness!!!

IMDb ( Uncredited ) credits under former name Christel-Marie Guerra...Wanda's Daughter

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It's so crazy to see yourself years later and reflect on the experience of being so young working on a film.  So much has changed since that era.  

I would love to work with

Paul Morrissey again some day.  

Brushing up on my acting skills will be necessary but, I have a feeling it will all come rushing back to me around the right setting and with the opportunity to work on a new project

with him.  I have some ideas for

it too! 

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