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Doggie Disaster to Up-Cycling Treasure!

While my rescue dogs Brodie and Nemo bring me many smiles, there are the few occasions where doggie separation anxiety cause me a little extra work and an extra challenge to make lemonade out of lemons. After my beloved long coat chihuahua of fifteen years passed away I wasn't sure I was going to be open to adopting another pet let alone eventually having two at one time.

I still miss and will forever treasure the moments and years that I was fortunate to have with my Tobie Love. I had a difficult time thinking that he may think that I wanted to replace him after he crossed the rainbow bridge. In time I came to realize so many animals are in need of a loving home and came across Brodie's hazel eyes over the internet just waiting for us to go and

meet him. I may have rescued Brodie but, he truly rescued me too. A few years later I was inquiring about fostering another dog in need and Nemo with his one good eye stole my heart enough to epically fail the foster. Now the two are the odd couple and our home has the pitter patter of eight little paws and two singing voices.

The images in this video post and picture are the result of opening my heart to the unconditional love of Brodie el pan de diós ( doesn't translate well to English but, the bread of God...basically meaning a sweet ) long coat chihuahua and Nemo the shih-tzu who thinks he's superman even though he is blind in one eye. In honor of all the animals needing a home and the ones that have crossed the rainbow bridge, the footage demonstrating up-cycling of materials and an unconventional silk floral arrangement was born.

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