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A little bit of Cuban Flavor!

If you haven't discovered Estefan Kitchen located in the Miami Design district yet I highly recommend making a reservation and experiencing cuban flavor at it's finest! Words cannot describe the amazing atmosphere, service, great live entertainment and delicious cuban food that doesn't exclude vegan options for the plant based guests. Imagine the amazement on a regular Monday night walking into a location that is rich in cuban flavor from all the surrounding aesthetics to the delicious food and cocktails. Sexy is an understatement! The soft glowing blue lights that accent the clean black and white main color palette sets the mood just right for any occasion of dining and fun!

My husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary on January 13th and my in-laws wanted to extend it since family wasn't able to gather with us this year. It was quite the discovery when they made reservations for us at Emilio and Gloria Estefan's restaurant and we walk in to what can easily be classified and described as refined and classy. The space is so inviting with the flare of old school cuban styled elegance and the service and entertainment are of equal delight. A huge thank you to Madeline Lain and Christian Rodriguez who's voices and talents entertained us, the piano man Alex Arias who tickled the ivories perfectly, and our waiter and waitress Daynier y Yarenis who made our evening wonderful from start to finish. We truly felt like family as we extended our anniversary celebration at this beautiful and fun filled restaurant. A gem in Miami for sure!!!

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It's so crazy to see yourself years later and reflect on the experience of being so young working on a film.  So much has changed since that era.  

I would love to work with

Paul Morrissey again some day.  

Brushing up on my acting skills will be necessary but, I have a feeling it will all come rushing back to me around the right setting and with the opportunity to work on a new project

with him.  I have some ideas for

it too! 

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