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Flashback to a Little Poutporri Love

This is a flashback to a simple silk floral DIY arrangement I custom made perfect for Valentine's Day! The glass vase shown in the image has a beautiful pedestal and shape. It enhances and elevates this sophisticated style great for a gift and any space.

How To:

Insert and adhere floral foam just as you would to any other base. Make sure you leave space to surround all sides of the glass with scented poutporri and conceal the mechanics and floral foam. You can select any scented potpourri that coordinates with the color roses available at your local craft or dollar store. Don't be afraid of using inexpensive silk florals to create your silk floral arrangements. As long as you breathe life and manipulate them to look like nature kissed them, you will see how beautiful they can look even on a shoestring budget.

The easiest way to design the roses is to choose three to four pre-made bundles and insert the base stem from each of them on a slight slant to fill left, right. front and back of the floral foam. Cut a few individual long stem roses with a wire cutter and place them to fill the middle with more height as seen in this image. Add more silk floral green foliage as desired in-between roses to create contrast and fullness and you too will be ready to share a little potpourri love with that special someone in your life that is well deserving. Another benefit to a silk floral arrangement is that they are allergy free.

For those that prefer a poutporri look without the flowery or perfumed fragrance you may want to collect some kind of natural dried mixture and coordinate silk floral colors. Cinnamon sticks, smashed up pine cones and spurts of colored tissue paper could be an alternative but, use your imagination and go with what speaks to you.

Let's Connect:

If you want to see how to wrap an arrangement such as this one or a gift basket for a personalized hand, comment, share and let me know. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you never miss an update too! ***( Subscription form found on About Me, Blog and Home pages. )***

Poutporri Silk Floral Arrangement

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