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Last Minute Valentine's Day DIY!

If you're a crafter you most likely have a lot of the supplies needed for this quick and easy silk floral arrangement on hand but, just in case you aren't and want to give this a shot I've got

you covered!

Materials needed: ( All the materials can be purchased at a local craft store, dollar store and often Walmart craft sections. )

1-A roll of red decorative 12 gauge aluminum wire ( it often comes coiled in a clear small bag )

2-Clear glass or plastic vase

3-Red silk roses or flowers of choice

4-Red glass beads or marbles

5-Wire Cutter

6-Hot Glue Sticks

7-Hot Glue Gun


Be sure to work on a surface that is stable and won't wobble. Gently and carefully hold and tilt the clear glass vase with one hand to delicately fill with glass beads or marbles. Depending on thickness of glass, pouring the beads or marbles too quickly may crack it and we don't want this mishap to happen especially when we're in a rush and cannot replace it without a hassle.

Once the glass vase is filled to your liking stand it upright and arrange your silk floral stems in it.

Take your red decorative wire and form the shape of a heart around the entire vase as seen in picture. Allow the peak of the wired heart to rest on the center rose, then shape to frame the arrangement. Cut the excess wire off the roll and hot glue to the front of glass vase to secure it.

Cover hot glue mechanics with a few silk leaves from the floral arrangement. You can easily snip them off with the wire cutter from the base of the stems. ( Add a small dot of hot glue to a heart shaped note or embellishments to personalize decorative wire. ***optional*** )

It's really a simple DIY that won't take long to make and will be a thoughtful way of saying Happy Valentine's Day to someone you love.

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