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Lights, Camera, Action, Rinse & Repeat!

If you think about it we all live our lives on display and have been doing it for quite some time. Think back to pre-school where the teachers asked you to bring something for show and tell.

Book reports were meant to absorb the information you read and create discussions

in classrooms. I remember making dioramas in kindergarten and grade school which is basically

a tool for story telling as well. One of the first things that parents ask their children coming home from a day of hitting the books ( or computers in many of today's classroom settings ) is how their day was, what they did and what they learned. In life we are all somehow showing and sharing what we can do and what we learn from it. If we're lucky enough, displaying what we are good at can be a segway to reaping rewards and ultimately making a living from it. #careergoals

The true reality is celebrities, including actors and actresses, dancers, entertainment hosts, comedians, lifestyle specialists etc. have the opportunity to have lights and cameras featuring their work on a regular basis that nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, trade technicians and other service industries may not. In a sense; we all have lights, cameras and action shone on us and we are rinsing and repeating every day. Many hardworking and very talented people are just not afforded opportunity for their work to be featured and accredited or an audience to receive and praise their efforts and time. Oh how I would love for at least once a month to have everyone feel the lights, cameras and action in their lives. There's something so magical about taking one's passion in what they do, dissecting it and putting it on display for the like minded to enjoy, comment and share. I learn so much about people and get inspired by others creativity and artistic input. I guess it's part of the reason why I love what I do and do what

I love.

I recently teamed up with Bowdabra and I am proud to present the very first video tutorial with Spanish subtitles. :) Bowdabra is a tool that I consider a magical machine! It saves my hands from cramping when designing accessories, bows and embellishments for many of the arrangements, DIY and decor that I design and stage spaces with. It's amazing how one person's invention can be a catalyst for more creativity and I thank Sandy Sandler for not only inventing this very clever tool but, for having the vision of sharing it with others worldwide. If you don't already own a Bowdabra, I challenge you all to buy one and put your social media devices away for an afternoon crafting party or an evening of creative inspiration after watching my

instructional video of course. ;) You'd be surprised how much fun you can have with friends and family learning and making bows, embellishments and crafts with Bowdabra. Once you own one you'll wonder why you haven't owned one sooner and you'll hopefully be thanking me for presenting it to you and shining your very own lights, camera and action with your creations too!

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It's so crazy to see yourself years later and reflect on the experience of being so young working on a film.  So much has changed since that era.  

I would love to work with

Paul Morrissey again some day.  

Brushing up on my acting skills will be necessary but, I have a feeling it will all come rushing back to me around the right setting and with the opportunity to work on a new project

with him.  I have some ideas for

it too! 

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