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Bowdabra meets #spanglishDIYer :)

Being invited to appear on Acceso Total Telemundo 51 in Miami and teaching one of the hosts Mariana Rodriguez how to make a scrunchy bow with a Bowdabra LIVE in SPANISH, might have made me shake in my boots not too long ago! Oh wait! *!& IT DID 100% but, I got through it and embraced the fact that my Spanish is more like "spanglish" especially under pressure. Lucky for me, times have changed and spanglish seems to be in "fashion". I'll explain and I'll try to give a condensed version of an explanation so you can dive right into watching my instructional video in the previous blog post if you haven't already ;)

Once upon a time there was a scripted old school and popular Miami TV show called Que Pasa USA. It was actually the epitome of my life as I have always known it and still is today. The show was about cuban culture, values, and customs colliding with Americanized lifestyles and an old school cuban family living in Miami. If you want to catch an episode of it, it still airs on PBS and will have you laughing out loud. Just like the characters in the show my family and extended family have always made fun of my "broken Spanish" as well as my blending of English nouns with Spanish verbs and adjectives. Through my formative years they would make me nervous about speaking in Spanish because of it, also; just like in the TV show. I figured that as long as they could understand me, it would have to do but, I secretly would cringe every time

I would ever have to attempt holding a professional conversation in Spanish. Who would have thought that porfiandoles a mi familia ( being resistant about perfecting the Spanish launguage ) and all the years of my family correcting my Spanish would turn out to be a thing? I have noticed a shift in latinos speaking Spanish, televised Spanish programming and even Spanish in the news. "Spanglish" is more commonly used in this decade and I have to admit I'm relieved about it.

As scary as going LIVE in "spanglish" seemed to me, I decided to embrace the fact that my family and friends had already deemed me a #spanglishDIYer and I accepted the invitation and shared my love for decorating with Bowdabra for the world to see. I wondered what my late grandmother and father would think if they were still alive. Deben de estar riendose de mi en

el Cielo ( they must be laughing at me from the pearly gates ) but, hopefully proud of me too.

Now if someone would have told me years ago that I would be teaming up with Bowdabra and creating videos to highlight one of my favorite crafting tools, I think I might have been just as elated as I am today but, surprised to learn I hadn't connected with the inventor

Sandy Sandler sooner. I have been using Bowdabra since learning that it would save my hands from cramping when working long hours on my bows and embellishments for my DIY's, designs and decor to stage spaces since 2007. The bowdabra has been my saving grace and basically my helping hand. I cannot imagine ever going back to the days when I would be pinching ribbon to hold it in place in one hand and feeling the strain of repetitive motion at the day's end.

With Bowdabra those days are long gone!

I can barely believe that after all the years of using Bowdabra religiously and struggling with speaking spanish perfectly, Bowdabra and I have teamed up and Terri Sproul the coordinator of the Bowdabra Design Team asked me to add Spanish subtitles to the instructional videos.

If Terri reads this post she'll now know that I had to secretly laugh at the irony that Poppy y Mima would be laughing about, put my best Spanish thinking cap on and just like that!...

Abracadabra!...Bowdabra meets #spanglishDIYer in full effect! :) The synergy feels great! So much so that I was probably a little goofy with my social media announcement about the collaboration.

I am thrilled and honored to be part of the Bowdabra Design Team! I can already see and say with confidence that the entire team brings their A game to share tips, techniques and great guidance in making beautiful bows, embellishments and crafts with the Bowdabra tools, materials and so many surprise additions. Take a look at my instructional video in the previous blog post and feel free to leave your comments in the comment section as well as sharing my blog with your family

and friends. If I can help it...EVERY household will want to own a Bowdabra and learn how easy it is to use and create MAGIC!!!

***NOTE:*** In order not to miss an update on my blog space take a moment to fill out the subscription and take full advantage of all of free tips and tricks to DIY, decor and the life lessons I share publicly :)

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