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Oscar Bowdabra Ring!

Don't want to break the bank but, still want to wear something fun on your hand to celebrate

Oscar Weekend? If you don't already own a Bowdabra you might not want to miss out on all the fun any longer. The embellishments, bows and projects you can create are really limitless and you'll learn in no time how to utilize the tool. It's really easy and I will be happy to guide you along getting your creativity going with my step by step tutorials. In fact!, I have added Spanish subtitles to my Bowdabra tutorials so that the latin community can benefit from the translations. This #spanglishDIYer is on a mission to share all things DIY and creative with you so please feel free to comment in the comment section below, share my blog with your friends and family and subscribe as to not miss any of my updates and developments!

Go ahead and get a cocktail or two ready to sport your Bowdabra Ring with this Oscar Bowdabra

Ring tutorial that you're just going to love! It's right in time for the big day tomorrow and if you're feeling extra celebratory...why not get the festivities started today?

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It's so crazy to see yourself years later and reflect on the experience of being so young working on a film.  So much has changed since that era.  

I would love to work with

Paul Morrissey again some day.  

Brushing up on my acting skills will be necessary but, I have a feeling it will all come rushing back to me around the right setting and with the opportunity to work on a new project

with him.  I have some ideas for

it too! 

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