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Coloring is Therapeutic!

Life has a way of getting hectic, stressful and just plain crazy! So when you need some time to wind down I can tell you with all honesty coloring can help relax and bring a sense of calm and focus that sometimes people forget to do with their daily routines and busy lives. It's Friday night and the day before St. Patrick's Day. I received this coloring book last week and began coloring in in it last Friday night for the first time. I couldn't put it down until the wee hours of the next morning which I have a feeling I will be doing the very same thing tonight after sharing this blog post.

First, I wanted to take a minute to share a silly snapchat video clip celebrating the luck of the

Irish before immercing myself in what I have found to be extremely therapeutic as well as the importance of taking time to be a little silly, re-gain focus, and decompress from the grind we tend to get caught up day in and day out. Here's just a little part of why. Even when we are lucky enough to be doing what we are passionate about and for those that might be feeling stuck in a rut with a job they don't feel

they enjoy or is not bringing them joy, it really helps a great deal to shift gears and try

something different. Sometimes we get so wrapped up and consumed that we forget to tap into breathing slowly and enjoying quiet. I'm quickly finding out that coloring is already helping me with slowing down, a different kind of concentration, focus and inner peace. So when I asked the creator of this coloring book Michael Burger for permission to share my experience and he kindly granted it to me,

I can happily say that I recommend it to anyone who is looking to center themselves and really dive in to gaining insight with the workbook part of the book in relation to each numbered page and

inspirational quote and the entire process.

I'll be sharing more of my experience to coloring my way to even more success so if you'd like to participate with your own copy by all means order yours and get coloring with me! Feel free to leave your comments and share with your family and friends! I love engaging with people on related blog topics so don't be shy and let me know what you think.

For more information on ordering Coloring Your Way to Success by Michael Burger and more about Michael Burger himself you can visit:

I can rave about him all day long but, I'll just let you discover how great he is all on your own if you haven't been fortunate enough to have learned about him already.

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