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Envision Your Peace

Wheeeew! It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and many things have been brewing.

The kind of things that make you go "hmmmmm". They make you think, re-think, and think again after re-thinking. If you have ever organically invested extensive time and effort into getting organized, giving your life, work, and projects a major overhaul and are still left feeling a sort of emptiness and a stand still then you are not alone.

It's tasking to say the very least to give your all consistently and never really feel like you are making the progress or difference you set out to make. The life lesson I have learned from this is that these are simply one way streets. No more, no less. As soon as you make the realization that you are facing a one way street it is crucial to continue purging. You may have external factors that cause delays such as obligations, responsibilities, medical needs, extended family visits to list a few but, envision your peace and breathe. If you need to reboot, and choose a different fuel to ignite your engine it's ok to take a moment and come back to continue plugging away.

You can discover what is truly going to bring you peace of mind and happiness if you do the work and really tune in. If you feel like you're racing a clock to meet goals you have set out to accomplish just remember you are human and need nurturing. I'm not sure we can reach our full potential and evolve without taking time to breathe. I have discovered the hard way and against my best attempts to push myself that it's necessary.

What's something that leaves you feeling like you need to envision your peace and breathe?

Does your space bring you angst or does it motivate you?

Leave your comments below and feel free to be as candid as you'd like to be with your thoughts on this subject.

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