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Unicorn - [ A Former Dancer’s Introspection ]

An Open Letter to the incomparable Mia Miachaels | The personification of Creative Force

Ms. Michaels,

First and foremost I’d like to extend my appreciation of you and thank you for your remarkable resilience in an ever evolving world. The essence of your human existence and creative brilliance has resonated and touched the deepest part of my soul since the moment your expression of father/daughter’s everlasting bond and choreography for ‘Time’ hit my television screen. My father’s battle with heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia came to an end in 2006 and your epic masterpiece incapsulated the former dancer in me to re-unite with my late father even for a moment in my mind’s eye.

Your courage to share your personal story is a monumental contribution to this earth and heaven’s gateway. May the most cherished memories of your father somehow bring you comfort in knowing love is eternal and it truly transcends space

and time.

My connection to your impressive work in self expression didn’t stop with Neil and Lacey’s performance.

Every bit of your professional aura and vulnerable side that you’ve shared with viewers resonates with me.

I hope this open letter finds you well. I am currently suffering some brain fog and I realize this may be a lengthy read - yet I pray my story will hold your attention.

I have spent more years than I can count in conflict with myself esteem and complicated health concerns. Bullied, rejected, misunderstood, left feeling broken without wings to fly. The culmination of nearly 45 years of hits and misses and much of what has left me feeling unfulfilled regardless of some success and a few accolades throughout the decades. I have re-invented myself a few times and in desperation tapped into other creative endeavors exploring other avenues of skills I have attained artistically. Recognition and appearances both televised and filmed accompanied some print work modeling in magazines, catalogs and airings on the radio in spurts with several dragged out dry spells. I’ll be 51 in just a few weeks and I am still filled with determination and drive even though multiple chronic illnesses hinder my energy levels and contributions to creating digital content as fast as I’d like to.

I considered reaching out to you a few years back after noticing and admiring a poster of you modeling for The Avenue Clothing Line in Miami and somehow I talked myself out of it at the time.

While searching for potential collaborations artistically I was drawn to more of your work and stumbled upon your quarantine post and video short on Twitter which propelled me to write to you today and not let another day escape me. I know YOU are the real deal and wish so much I would have had the opportunity to work with a Mama Mia such as yourself in my prime. How different I feel my life would have played out for the better thus far and yet, I’m blessed and grateful for my struggles as they have shaped me to become who I am today and a voice on behalf of men, women and children who are suffering in silence with one of my most aggressive conditions.

My back story in the entertainment industry will explain and shed light to not only dancers and creatives but, to anyone with a longing for human vulnerabilities and their existence on this earth.

[ Enclosed is the link to my website for more details. Note: An email I sent out directly to you wasn’t delivered so here

I am using my blog and thinking out of the box for this letter to hopefully reach your eyes and heart. ]

Public filming and travel in pursuit of my ongoing health journey and documentary came to an abrupt pause with the nation wide pandemic. Being blindsided by a divorce and indefinite cancelations of pelvic floor rehabilitation treatments and necessary pain management right at the very same time has been a continuous struggle as well as roller coaster ride but, has not wavered my convictions.

Adding to all of the above years of prescribed medications left extensive dental and oral damage going into my blood stream. I had no alternative but, to undergo a full oral prosthetic last year and learn how to speak with permanent dentures. I now am facing intensive neurological therapy. My brother drives me a long distance away to these sessions twice weekly after protein inhibitor injections caused neurological damage this past summer and local doctors haven’t been accessible. Medical insurance has been a huge factor and navigating the healthcare system for adequate health management is another ongoing battle in of itself yet I am still able to smile realizing that God really doesn’t give anyone anymore than they can handle. I remain grateful for every blessing, including every hardship as they have taught me to become more resilient and speak out to break the stigma of chronic illness and especially genital healthcare as people hesitate to bring this topic to the forefront.

Film producer in Miami is convinced that our traveled filmed footage and personal investment will all come together as it should and I too have to believe that it will with God’s perfect timing 🙏🏽

My pain and symptoms keep me awake more often than not. I spend endless nights envisioning choreography to original poetry and descriptive spoken word I’ve created for chronic illness. With so much attention being drawn to the state of our nation and the never ending pandemic crisis, I can’t help wondering if I’m simply spinning my wheels in a seemingly hopeless quest for over due awareness and emergence.

After 25+ years of unexplained symptoms, receiving a diagnosis for a mutilative degenerative disease in 2019 has put my entire life into perspective and has led me to develop Creativity Meets Purpose. My lifelong mission for genital healthcare and chronic illness advocacy is an uphill challenge that most have never heard of called Lichen Sclerosus and I believe that your involvement would help set things in motion to impact the world of healthcare and human rights for over due change.

The first siting for Lichen Sclerosus by a doctor was 135 years ago and little has been done to help people in need of early diagnosis, support, pain management and funding for significant research to save lives and improve quality of life.

I believe that my life and struggles will not be in vein. I also believe that your participation in shining light on awareness will move mountains and be of profound impact through artistic measures.

I believe that through creative expression more people will begin to understand the mutilative and degenerative condition that has been side lined and tabled for way too long. A clear directive mission for an epic difference in the healthcare industry would spearhead your valuable assistance with chronic illness and I would be honored to work beside you to create this momentum with your consideration.

Kindest regards,

Christel Jules

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